Sunday, 22 August 2010

Rhubarb Custard Crumble Pie

Recipes like this are not as popular as the classics because they're difficult to 

categorise. The simple rhubarb crumble is my favourite pudding. It has a 

strong nostalgia for me because my granddad used to make it. Grandma 

would say he'd made one specially for me, but there were plenty of us on a 

sunday afternoon eating it. I like to share.

This recipe however results in a pie and it's also a crumble, with custard 

inside rather than on top. S is away until the weekend so this time 

unfortunately (for her) I didn't share and I gained a pound in the 

process. Trust me though, that's a good thing; I wouldn't mind a few 

extra pounds and it was very delicious.

Here's the link for the recipe because I'm not going to pretend it's my own. 

I would recommend however the largest oats you can find to mix in the 

crumble topping and my big pastry secret, salted butter. Yes you read 

correctly. It's only very unhealthy if you eat the whole cake in three 

days, but I'll be ok. It makes tastier pastry.

From top left anticlockwise, sweet shortcrust pastry, crumble topping, rhubarb, raw custard.


  1. Hey nice blog, I am so scared of trying this plant out... I read that it can be poisonous as well. And I cant seem to find it in any restaurants or anything... as a prepared pastry or dish.

  2. Only the rhubarb leaves are poisonous. The stalks are eaten cooked with sugar and there is no risk of poisons from the leaves contaminating. It is safe and most importantly delicious! Thanks for posting.