Saturday, 14 August 2010


This week has been about luxuries. I've been drinking expensive coffee and even 

more expensive cognac, neither of which I've had to pay for. Lucky me! So 

when it came to familydinner and my turn to cook I found myself craving 

something simple and non luxury. Not that I'd been eating foie gras, caviar 

and oysters all week, but I felt like I needed a contrast. For me there isn't much 

more family orientated and simple than meat balls with spaghetti and 

tomato sauce. I'll happily tell all about my Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and my 

quest to make the perfect cup of coffee, and the Fine Champagne Cognac that I 

also profited from this week, but I'd just as soon (or sooner) talk about meat 

balls and how they're an easy way to feed and impress a large group. 

There are plenty of meat ball recipe available online. I've made them in a food 

blender and without blending and it makes a difference, but get your 

seasoning right and either makes a delicious meat ball. I use rosemary in the 

meat and thyme in the tomato sauce. 

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  1. I have literally just eaten quite a substantial rack of lamb chops, but this photo has made me hungry again.