Monday, 16 August 2010

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

I'm coming to the end of a very good bag of Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopia, the origin 

of the coffee bean. Who knew that? Coffee is not truly indigenous anywhere else.

I highly recommend this Yirgacheffe. It's smoothe and fruity with hints of dates and 

big grapefruit and apricot tastes. 

S has been learning to drink coffee. Not out of ambition, but more to be a part 

of something quickly becoming a ritual culture in my house. Also she can't resist 

the smell of freshly ground coffee and my enthusiasm at finding out how to make a 

nicer cup than the last.   



  1. Lovely background for your pix...great shots! Make me want a coffee!

  2. Thanks, it made me want a coffee too, and lo and behold there was one before me.