Monday, 2 August 2010

Balsamic Vinegar. Is it worth paying a little extra for?

Left - Fattorie Giacobazzi £7.49. Right - Trattoria Verde £0.99

Without venturing into the expensive realm of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, I'm 

interested in comparing the quality of a £0.99 bottle and a £7.49 of 

commercial balsamic vinegar. 

I will taste them without knowing which is which to avoid bias to see if the price 

difference is warranted.

Bottle one is  fruity but with only an acidic aftertaste which lingers slightly

unpleasantly. I would probably only use this as I would use malt vinegar, 

on chips, or mixed with something sweet to counteract the acidity.

I have to wait for the taste and the shudders to disappear.

Bottle two is Similarly fruity like the first but much smoother and without the 

strong acidic aftertaste or burning at the back of the throat. It's a warmer, 

rounder and brighter flavour. This surely has to be the more expensive 

bottle and it is. I'm excited by the prospect of cooking with it.

Recommended use. Chicken breast cut into strips and fried with garlic, salt 

and pepper. Add a generous helping of balsamic vinegar (a quality bottle), 

and simmer to reduce. Add spring onions for the last two minutes and serve 

with linguine.


  1. I like this blog. It's good it is

  2. wot he sed :)

  3. If you ever win the lottery try Belazu's aged balsamic vinegar. Best in show. See it in Sainsbury's sometimes.

  4. I'll bite the "belazu" sometime and get some.