Saturday, 31 July 2010

Rowse Organic New Zealand Forest Honey. Am I or could I be a connoisseur?

I've always loved honey, but have never ventured into 

connoisseurship. I begin now and Rowse Organic New Zealand Forest 

Honey is a good start. If I’m serious about being any kind of 

connoisseur (and I’m not sure that I am, I just like to taste nice 

things) then I should probably think of better words to use than 


I taste the honey by itself on a tea spoon and am assaulted for just a 

second by a bitter ear wax taste. It’s fleeting and almost 

unpleasant and then it’s gone. Actually it’s not quite gone, but sits in 

the background and allows the glory of the honey to come forward, 

slowly washing through my mouth, dispersing the flavours of a forest 

on different parts of my tongue. 

It’s difficult to describe the complexity of it. I taste it again and this 

time the waxy assault doesn’t happen. Subtle sap and floral hints float 

around rolled up in something deeper and earthy, like strong, but 

sweet ale. The sweetness is smooth and doesn’t burn in the throat. 

Am I a connoisseur? A connoisseur would identify recipes which 

work well with this particular honey. I don’t think a connoisseur 

would continually eat the honey from the jar with a spoon. However, I 

am now drinking a can of Ruddles County Ale whilst taking small 

drops of the honey and they go together very well.

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